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HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\AeDebug


Criteria Value
Permissions Admin
Security context User; System1
Persistence type Registry
Code type EXE
Launch type Other
Impact Non-destructive2
OS Version All OS versions
Dependencies OS only
Toolset Scriptable


Well known key. Add or edit the Debugger value, using a REG_SZ string that specifies the command line for the debugger.

If you want the debugger to be invoked without user interaction, add or edit the Auto value, using a REG_SZ string that specifies whether the system should display a dialog box to the user before the debugger is invoked. The string “1” disables the dialog box; the string “0” enables the dialog box.

Starts on application crash, which may be not reliable enough.

Breaks the parent-child chain, making it harder to detect.



See also:


  1. Depends on the crashing image 

  2. The original debugger exe will not start