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Criteria Value
Permissions Admin
Security context User
Persistence type Registry
Code type Other1
Launch type User initiated2
Impact Destructive3
OS Version All OS versions
Dependencies OS only
Toolset Scriptable


When hh.exe is started it tries to find the hhctrl.ocx library by checking the following Registry value: `HKCR\CLSID{52A2AAAE-085D-4187-97EA-8C30DB990436}\InprocServer32’ The library that the value points to is then loaded. If the library doesn’t exist, or the loading didn’t succeed the hh.exe gives it another go and attempts to load the library using the hard-coded name hhctrl.ocx and relying on the LoadLibrary function (and as a result is a subject to side-loading attacks). As such, there seem to be at least 2 opportunities here:

  1. Drop c:\WINDOWS\hhctrl.ocx and delete the HKCR\CLSID{52A2AAAE… value so running hh.exe will sideload the c:\WINDOWS\hhctrl.ocx
  2. Replace the value of the HKCR\CLSID{52A2AAAE… to point to your own lib and run hh.exe – this will load the lib of choice




See also:

.chm helper DLL


  1. .ocx 

  2. ‘hh.exe’ must be run. Manually, or via associated .chm file 

  3. To be verified